Smile Cafe Dental Spa
Smile Cafe Dental Spa

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*Smile Cafe has 48 hour cancellation policy
Smile Café has a Unique approach to treatment: They believe not only in comprehensive dentistry but a modern conservative approach to prevention. Unlike most offices, additional diagnostic records such as photos and scans are taken at no cost in addition to x-rays to diagnose and prevent 50+ different future medical and dental conditions! Based on modern research & philosophy, better form leads to better function: Teeth that fit together correctly from all spatial views; function better, last longer and prevent 50+ dental and medical conditions such as TMJ, headaches, gingivitis, periodontitis, cracks, wear and tear, earache, breathing issues, root canals, cavities, and many other dental problems!

These doctors have appeared in the media such as CNBC, etc. Dr. Daniel Noor has won 1st place in the world treating some of the most complex orthodontics cases even eliminating the need for surgery! Smile Café strives to educate the patients unlike any other office! However, they do ask you to take your time and do your research before committing to any treatment so there is absolutely no pressure especially since the team is already so busy. For cleaning appt, ensure to pick cleaning from drop down menu. Note insurance ONLY covers percentage of covered procedures. For quality care, there is always an out of pocket cost at any office but this office offers payment plans as needed.

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