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Dr. Natan Scher MD

Head & Neck Surgeon

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Dr. Scher is a board-certified Otolaryngologist and Head and Neck surgeon and a former clinical associate professor in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery at the University of Chicago. He's been practicing medicine for over 30 years and sees adult and pediatric patients at both of his Tinley Park, Illinois and Munster, Indiana office locations.

Dr. Scher has performed over 20,000 Sinus and Nasal procedures and is the author of a number of scientific articles in the field of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

He is at the forefront of his specialty, utilizing new techniques like balloon sinuplasty which eleviates the need for post-op nasal packing. Additionally, Dr. Scher utilizes computerized image-guided technology for advanced surgery of sinus disease and radio-frequency technology for treatment of sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils and enlargement of the palate.

Dr. Scher treats the entire field of ENT problems, including:

Ear: Pain, Infections, Ringing, Heearing Loss, Ear Tubes, Hearing Aids

Nose: Sinus, Stuffy Nose, Polyps, Deviated Septum, Loss of Smell

Throat: Hoarseness, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Tonsils, Thyroid, Cancer.

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