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For more information, please contact Dr. Rubin's primary care practice - http://www.skinlifemedical.com/primary-care-concierge.html

Dr. Rubin's education and experience have given her the knowledge and skills to help you or your relative obtain the best medical care available and to be as healthy as possible given your medical condition(s). She combines academic experience measuring quality of care in all medical disciplines with a patient-centered, holistic, integrative approach open to all potentially useful treatments.

Advanced Access - Cost: $2,000 per year.

Based on an estimate of 8 hours of Dr. Rubin's time per year for services not billable to a health insurance plan such as Medicare or commercial insurance, which can be used for home visits, hospital visits, rehab visits, or telephone calls, additional time on the day of a visit not billable to insurance or any other services which would not be covered by health insurance.
Includes limited cellphone access after hours and on weekends.

Concierge Care - Cost: $10,000 per year.

Based on an estimate of 40 hours of primary care services per year which are not billable to an insurance plan. Can be used for hospital, rehab facility, nursing home, office visits, home visits, and visits at any locale desired within 20 miles of one of our practice locations in Menlo Park or Los Altos, telephone calls, texting, emails, or doing research on your behalf. Concierge Care patients are provided with cellphone, text and email communication with Dr. Rubin.

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325 Sharon Park Drive, Menlo Park, CA, 94025
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