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Dr. Richard Asarch MD

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When he’s not with patients, chances are that Dr. Richard Asarch is in the middle of his research. But that doesn’t mean that he’s stuck in a science lab somewhere. Instead, he tends to look at any and everything as his next great experiment, more likely than not to result in a topical skin care preparation or a new cooking adventure for the doctor who’s been practicing in Englewood for 25 of his 30 years. His interest in photography has helped fine tune his visualization of skin changes and what is necessary to improve the appearance of our skin.
His research uncovered the fact that many of the over-the-counter cosmetic products said to stop or rectify the aging process of the skin didn’t do much at all. But cost a lot. The next setting for his research was Europe where he uncovered the chemistry behind products that really did work their anti-aging powers. Then he went to work making his own line of anti-aging, restorative skin care products and calling them the dermaSpa Skin Nutrition line.
An innovator in skin health, Dr. Asarch published his first book, “Turn Back The Face Years” after studying the aging process of patients’ skin over decades. His theories on how skin ages and how that process could be remedied included dietary aspects in his second book, “Beautiful Skin Diet Book” containing recipes with ingredients that promote healthier skin.
The two pieces, the skin care product line and the diet, are two facets of what Dr. Asarch calls the four spheres in a complete skin care regime, the other two spheres being prevention and procedures. He practices his four-sphere theory out of his offices at S. Clarkson St. and Hampden Ave. where he was the first medical spa in the state which he opened nine years ago.

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