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Why choose Yankelove Cataract and Laser Specialists?

Simply put, the answer can be summarized with “hands,” “head,” “heart,” and “experience.”

What patients say they want, as the single most important quality for their surgeon to possess, is manual skillfulness. Dr. Yankelove feels very fortunate to have been blessed with good hands. This attribute was a great influence in attracting him to the delicate specialty of micro surgery. And now, with over 3 decades of performing procedures while looking through the operating microscope, he can be considered masterful with the associated eye-hand coordination needed for ophthalmic surgery. During surgery of any kind, unexpected situations may occur. Having an experienced technically gifted surgeon, like Dr. Y., may be just the ‘edge’ you need to reach a desired result.

What doctor’s say is the most important characteristic that makes a great surgeon is good judgment. With years of experience, Dr. Yankelove is particularly adept in patient selection, i.e. the process of determining one’s candidacy for a given procedure. Seeing first hand the wide spectrum of ocular conditions and the wide variety in response to treatment, Dr. Y can give you an authoritarian opinion on what may be your best course of therapy. For some, it may be to refrain from our present surgical choices, and use non-surgical alternatives until emerging technologies evolve. Having an expert, like Dr. Y, analyze your individualized benefit to risk ratio, may be just the ‘edge’ you need to avoid a procedure unlikely to give you the desired result.
Dr. Yankelove is passionate about restoring, protecting, and enhancing vision. Besides being committed to helping his private practice patients reach their potential in vision function, Dr. Y feels tremendous gratification in helping those less fortunate. As a volunteer surgeon, he has restored vision in patients blinded by cataracts in some very remote and primitive locations around the world. Having a compassionate surgeon that you can be proud of like Dr. Y, may be just the sensitivity you want in order to establish a relationship with your surgeon.

At Yankelove Cataract and Laser Specialists, you will find some of the most outstanding and talented professionals in the industry. Our experienced teams, together with Dr. Yankelove, appreciates your allowing us the privilege of serving you and are confident we can provide you with uncompromised care, desirable outcomes, and the best possible experience.

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