Dr. Darrell Fader

Dr. Darrell Fader MD

Procedural Dermatology Specialist

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Dr. Fader is a skin cancer specialist. His ZocDoc appointments are for those with a biopsy-proven skin cancer requiring Mohs or standard excision. In addition, if you are being referred by a physician who suspects you may have a skin cancer, Dr. Fader can see you for a possible biopsy. Please understand that a phone consultation prior to the surgical visit is necessary to review the procedure and discuss your medical history so we can better prepare for a safe surgical experience.

Mohs microscopic surger is a skin cancer removal technique which uses microscopy to remove only the cancerous tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact and unharmed. This precise method minimizes the chance of cancer re-growth, and lessens the likelihood of scarring or disfigurement.

This specialized surgery has the distinction of providing the highest skin cancer cure rates, even if other forms of treatment have failed, with often excellent aesthetic and functional results.

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