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A practicing psychiatrist for nearly 35 years, Dr. Leon Rosenberg has provided comprehensive care to patients from young childhood through adulthood. Dr. Rosenberg emphasizes “emotional fitness,” a process by which patients learn how to manage their psychological health to achieve a better quality of life.

With expertise in diagnostic evaluation (he wrote the book, The Authoritative Guide to Psychiatric Diagnosis, which is available as a free download on the Center for Emotional Fitness) and specialties in medication management, hypnosis, no-cost clinical research studies, psychotherapy, and stress management techniques, Dr. Rosenberg uses his breadth of knowledge to treat each individual case in a comprehensive and detail-oriented manner. As an active member of the American Psychiatric Association and an annual attendee of the New Clinic Drug Evaluation Unit, Dr. Rosenberg spends time with his colleagues to stay up to date on the latest psychiatric and psychological research.

Dr. Rosenberg is committed to helping his patients understand the complexities of mental illness. He is careful, analytical, funny, and non-judgmental. Patients remember Dr. Rosenberg for his ability to make them feel comfortable from the moment they step into his office until the moment they leave.

When Dr. Rosenberg is not working, he enjoys playing sports, gardening, and spending time with his wife of 36 years and their 4 children.

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