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Recently named one of the nation’s top doctors by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, Dina D. Strachan, M. D. is a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. Dr. Strachan directs Aglow Dermatology a private practice in Union Square where she provides a variety of medical and cosmetic dermatologic services. Having trained and worked in a variety of settings and locations, Dr. Strachan has expertise in the treatment of all skin types and is an internationally-recognized expert in the treatment of ethnic skin. Dr. Strachan has published a number of articles and chapters, and has lectured extensively, both nationally and internationally, on a variety of topics in dermatology. A respected media source she has a number of television appearances, including the CBS News in New York, and has been quoted in the local and national print media. For her excellent professional services, she was awarded the “Forty Under 40” Achievement Award by The Network Journal in 2003, and has been included in the same publication’s “Best Black Doctors” list since 2004. She has been named one of America’s “Top Dermatologists” by the Consumers Research Council of America and one of the “45 Faces of A Better Chance” in 2008. Dr. Strachan is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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