Dr. R. Ray Ehsan

Dr. R. Ray Ehsan MD

Pain Management Specialist

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The Director of Superior Multi-Specialty West LA Urgent Care is Dr. Reza Ray Ehsan, a Family Physician with more than 20 years experience in Urgent Care, General Practice, Anesthesiology, Cosmetic Surgery and Family Practice treating children and adult patients in Los Angeles, CA.

He is fully licensed in the State of California.

He has practiced as a Doctor in Los Angeles, since the completion of his training. He treats all types of conditions including those related to Dermatology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Cardiology and other specialties.

He believes patients should be treated with a sense of decency, kindness and with an awareness of the value of the patient’s time.

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