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Being both an acupuncturist and a naturopathic doctor trained in primary care, I am able to treat in a true holistic fashion by combining conventional and alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment. While I certainly treat uncomplicated acute issues, I also see many people with more complex cases - people who suffer from a chronic disease that is not well controlled, or those with symptoms that do not fit neatly into the Western medical model and have been given few treatment options by their doctors.

Each patient is an individual and as such, requires treatments that are customized for them. Especially in chronic disease, which is where naturopathic medicine and acupuncture help greatly, taking one magic pill or supplement will not resolve symptoms. Success depends greatly on recognizing what dietary changes, behavioral therapies, and lifestyle modifications the patient is willing to try in order to achieve overall health. I work collaboratively with people to not only identify what is causing their symptoms, but more importantly, identify what roadblocks are preventing them from achieving wellness and explore what treatments they want to try.

I use conventional diagnostic methods, but offer a combination of conventional and naturopathic treatment options. I use diet and lifestyle modifications as the foundation of treatment, and add acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements, and medications as needed. My focus is on weight loss and women's health.

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