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"Patient's satisfaction and top care standards are the keys for my practice! My goal is to alleviate pain and help patient return to a normal life, as well as to avoid unnecessary surgical intervention" Dr. Perper says.

Dr. Perper is Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Fellowship Trained Pain Management Physician. He earned his Medical Degree with specialization in Anesthesia at Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn. Since graduation from the Pain Management Fellowship at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center, NY , Dr Perper had a successful record of accomplishments in the medical field.

He started his career in Croser-Chester Medical Center,PA in 2003. Then moved to New York with appointment of Attending Anesthesiologist/Pain Management Doctor in Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens. He was promoted in 2004 and served as a Director of Pain Management in 2004-2005.Then he moved into Private Practice. Dr.Perper is an active member of AMA and ISIS, who was awarded by American Consumer Research Association with “American Top Anesthesiologists with specialization in Pain Management” Award in 2009,2010 and 2011,2012 as well as American Top Pain Management Physicians in 2013. His achievements in the Medical field are recognized by American Anesthesiological Society, as well as his two patented inventions “Device for repairing a Dural Puncture” and “Seated Fluoroscopy Application Device”.

Dr. Perper attended numerous Pain Management Conferences to continue his medical education.He represented United States during World Pain Management Congresses: Germany 2011; Spain 2012; Poland 2013 and presented innovative procedure & technique approach in the Top pain management procedures.

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