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Make an appointment through ZocDoc for a pretravel checkup or immunizations from a primary care doctor in Winter Park. You can arrange your annual exam or a Pap smear in only a few clicks with a practitioner near Mead Garden, Ward Park, or Phelps Park. You can verify insurance participation with the provider you choose before clicking on a time that works with your schedule to get started.


Sorry, no results found. If you need a doctor to diagnose you, here are PCPs in your area. Doctors in Winter Park, FL, 32789

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2071 Dundee Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792
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201 North Lakemont Ave., Winter Park, FL 32792
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Family Physician
"So I'm not big on writing reviews. But I feel like being a healthcare professional myself (nurse) and a consumer. It's important that feedback is giving to help another person to make a good decision. The check in process was pretty simple, I brought a copy of my medical records and was fully prepared for the appointment. Even arrive 20 minutes early to give the staff time. My vitals was questionable (b/p 151/101) and I wasn't feeling the best at all. It took the doctor about 10 minutes to come in (speed was good and it was busy). And here is where it got interesting. I spoke with the doctor about my health status. She just address only a couple of things. That annoyed me because I'm paying out of pocket. And just want good service. I wanted my concerns to be addressed, I didn't want ER doctor service. A rush and go type of appointment. I was prescribed a rescue inhaler and sleep medication. The CT scan referral wasn't given nor was my concerns addresses. Went to the front and paid (a pretty penny out of pocket) for a simple appointment. Nothing invasive. I asked the medical assistant about the appointment in 3 months and her response was "we'll just call in 3 months" no appointment made. And no referral was given. So my last thoughts is, if you are in a rush and don't really need much done. Go here, it would be perfect. But if you need something more hands on, a doctor that will address "ALL"your concerns, give referrals and medical staff that make appointments (as they should) then look else where. Overall it wasn't the best but it wasn't the worse. Hope this helped!"
823 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
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