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If you live or work in Jersey City, you might be looking for a doctor near Highway 139, Liberty State Park, or Interstate 78. You probably already know that a Jersey City chiropractor can treat lower back pain or a dislocated neck, but an experienced practitioner can also help manage digestive problems and arthritic pain. When you use ZocDoc, you can read verified reviews to ensure that you select the best chiropractor for your needs. Making an appointment is totally free!


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"I have been going to Dr. Fishel for over 3 months (Started February 2017) and the positive results are definitely showing. How I feel, my increased awareness of my posture corrections, and the x-rays prove it. I initually went in for posture issues and chronic discomfort in my middle back. Ichose Dr. Fishel because it said he takes a holistic approach, which I believe in and will elaborate a bit more on later. A consultation was done, with a posture analysis and x-rays. Then, Dr. Fishel came up with a weekly plan to make positive change, which I did my best to follow despite some changes here and there for my work schedule. The key was, if I had to cancel, I rebooked another day that week to not mess with the frequency of adjustments too much. Dr. Fishel and his team have a holistic approach to chiropractic care, tying your mental well being, diet, toxic factors in your life, exercise regimen and other components to your overall care. It is a personal and active office, very much like an externded family, always with personal care from the team. You also get educated on the WHY's and HOW's of what you are experiencing, how to fix it and what it all means. Being educated is very important here. There are also monthly wellness seminars that the team does on different topics. I highly suggest seeing Dr. Fishel but you have to make the commitment or it will not work. If you have chronic back issues from poor posture, it takes some time to change your habits as well as receiving chiropractic corrections to help in that transiton back to a healthy posture and lifestyle. Trust in his guidance and make the commitment and you will see positive results in time. "
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