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Today, Sep 25
Dr. Mahmood SolaimanMD
The doctor seems very skilled in what he does. He was extremely gracious in fitting me in when I was already late checking in. That being said, the staff assisting had both my name spelling and birthday wrong initially, and I had to correct them. They also misplaced whatever records they were supposed to get from my insurance card, so that had to be done again before I left. And once more, after I left they asked for a copy of my insurance card again, which would be time number three. This worries me quite a bit, because I depend on the courtesy of the doctors' staff to do things correctly, so that my insurance gets properly billed. They also quoted me some very high numbers concerning the procedures they wanted to do, so it sounded like they didn't even make the effort to see what the insurance was going to cover....or maybe they expected me to pay everything up front. It's hard to say really. They weren't very good at setting my expectations. Since, for the next procedure that they wanted to do, I would have to depend on the doctor and the staff to perform competently while I was unconscious, I just didn't feel like I could trust everybody there to get everything right. I wish everyone there the very best, but I have to support my family. They trust me to make the best decisions with their life and mine. I can't tell them without question that continuing with this practice would have went well....and that bothers me.
85 Kindred Way, Suite 201Glen BurnieMD21061

Gastroenterologists in Baltimore, MD

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