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Doctors in Kenosha, WI

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Today, Jan 18


Omar Oliveros


Primary Care Doctor
The doctor was great. He was very nice and knowledgeable. He explained my condition to me well. Also, he really listened to everything I was telling him and made a judgement based on all the context and it all seemed rooted in common sense. However, I did not like the rest of the experience. The wait to be seen was substantially longer than anywhere else I've been. After the initial screening questions, I waited for another 30 minutes in a small hallway. A woman who was very sick was sat next to me. This made me nervous because I don't know how contagious she was and if I contracted what she had, it would be very problematic given what I was there for. Generally, at doctor's offices, they just put you in a room after they call you back and you wait there. That is a better system because presumable the room has been cleaned and you aren't just in a small unclean hallway in close proximity to other patients. Also, afterwards, a nurse wanted to collect samples that seemed unrelated to why I was there. I'm not sure if she had me confused with another patient. When asked her what was going on, she seemed angry with me and said she didn't know anything other than the fact that she was supposed to collect samples. Being a medical professional, I would think she should take a little more interest. In general, the staff here seemed a little unprofessional. When the nurse was asking me the basic questions, she was complaining a little about how tired she was and how it's been a long day. While waiting I could hear the nurses complain about patients and how much work they had to do. Everything was a little weird with no one was really empowered to help. I'm going to go find another doctor but I'm out the money for this visit, so this visit wasn't very helpful.
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Doctors in Kenosha, WI

Low-grade fevers, ear infections, minor burns, and twisted ankles are just some of the problems a Kenosha, WI, primary care doctor can expect to see during the workday. Whether you live near Washington Road, 52nd Street, or Sheridan Road, you can make an appointment with one of these top-notch physicians easily with ZocDoc. You can even search for a doctor who participates in your insurance plan. Best of all, online booking is free!

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