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466 Bay Ridge Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220
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421 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
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380 88th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
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"I've been experiencing some very conflicting symptoms and results for the past 4 mos battling an infection. Needless to say I've been floating around to several doctors for multitude of tests to figure out what is the culprit. It's been an emotionally exhausting and discouraging process w/ inconclusive results/ lack of treatment thus getting worse. Needless to say, there's a lot of apathetic and disconcerting doctors which is unfortunate when you're extremely ill daily and cannot get the treatment you need. When I met with Dr. Erber he sensed my frustration and my anxiety from floating around and the length of time being ill. He felt my daily symptoms were needed for urgent care and I was booked right away. I was pleasantly surprised he was understanding, kind and patient towards my concerns. He was proactive about my concerns and granted my request for a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 1 session which normally isn't done. This was what made me confident that he's a great doctor, a genuine and compassionate doctor [unfortunately rare w/ long hr+ waits and only to be diagnosed in less than 10 mins flat] that is listening to the patient and not just relying on "facts" w/ conflicting tests before he gave his own opinion/ diagnoses. My procedure went well though he didn't see anything troublesome, he still ordered tests to follow up. I'm confident that I will be in good hands and soon enough well again. If anyone is going to find this troublesome culprit, I would bet it's Dr. Erber. Thank you for making a difference w/ your presence and making my health a priority. :)"
591 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11218
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