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OB-GYNs in Manhattan, New York, NY

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"This is a way (2-year) long overdue review. No joke, Dr. Yu is the BEST! I interviewed 6 OB/GYNs when I found out I was pregnant (some of the best in the city) and he had blew everyone out of the water. In meeting these doctors to interview/confirm the pregnancy, they found an ovarian cyst which happens sometimes when you're pregnant and it was extremely frightening. Others rushed me through the appointment and only delivered the bad news without explaining options or how it may play out, etc. Dr. Yu immediately saw it in the ultrasound, went into smart but down-to-earth professor mode and explained complicated medical things so clearly and logically to a lay person, gave me a pamphlet explaining this issue that he just happened to have handy (prepare much?), went over hypotheticals and options, and in the end also made me feel completely at ease that all would be ok and I knew I could trust him to take care of me and my baby's health. And on top of it all, he sent us home with an awesome baby book that day (doctor version of What to Expect). Wow. Sold. And he only got better and more amazing throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Yu is so calm, intelligent, incredibly responsive, super on top of everything, skilled, patient, proactive, articulate, and I suspect a mutant superhero who's somehow everywhere all the time. The one week he was on a family vacation out of the country, I fainted on the subway and ended up in the ER, and his back-up doctor was fantastic in guiding me through this dilemma. I saw Dr. Yu the next week for a regular appointment and didn't mention anything hoping he maybe never found out - but he'd already done his homework before I came in and the first thing he asked me about was the incident to see if I was ok. Dang! Two weeks later I fell down a few subway stairs (someone rushed to catch a train and knocked me down), and I landed on my belly, freaked out my baby was hurt. Emailed him right away and he got back to me in minutes and got me in to see him right away just to make sure I was ok. (Everything was fine and Dr. Yu was awesome, me and the subway just didn't get a long in my first tri.) He always responds super fast to questions I had via email or to deliver / explain test results. I always felt like I could ask him anything and he'd answer in lightening fast speed which made you constantly feel like you're the only patient he sees, when in fact he's attending to a million other people (with the still same amazing level of care!) and probably just delivered a new baby 10 minutes ago. So committed he is - at one appointment, he came in to the office for my appointment still in scrubs after a super long delivery and he looked like he'd just gone to battle yet was so focused an on his A game. Mutant superhuman! At my 20 week appointment, the hospital technician found a serious issue that was at risk for pre-term labor and wanted me to come back 2 weeks later for another assessment. I left the hospital freaked out and concerned, and before I even got home from the appointment, Dr. Yu had received my results from the lab and sent me an email telling me "You're probably worried but don't be --" followed by yet another smart explanation and positive encouragement. His proactive approach to care and ability to anticipate the concerns of individual patients is insanely amazing. (Turns out the technician just didn't know how to read the ultrasound right, everything was once again just fine!) Come labor and delivery day - Dr. Yu once again amazing. And in the few days after, he kindly followed up and checked in with us, and even gave great practical advice about timing the addition of our baby to our insurance. We also never dealt with a single insurance bill issue because he and his staff were so on it! I also love that he is a single practitioner and I was 99.9% sure he would be delivering my baby, not a different doctor on a rotation. Again, mutant superhuman. Thank you to his family (wife, kid/s) for any sacrifice they may make to allow him to provide such amazing care. He is a gift to the world - to deliver the most precious gifts into the world - and to provide the best most trusted and possible care any OBGYN ever can. I have referred him to so many of my friends (and all of us being Type A full of a million questions with high expectations over achievers) and they all also love him. He addresses every neurotic question but never with judgment and always with intelligent easy to understand explanations. One of my friends had a serious issue that Dr. Yu treated with a needed procedure, which all other OBGYNs she saw just brushed it off and told her to take the pill to deal with it. Another friend was amazed at how fast he responded to test results she had received, and just how smart and awesome he is. Of course he's won a ton of awards and if I recall in my research (again, neurotic type A), he was at the top of his Residency cohort and has been noted in Doctor magazines as an up and coming star, etc. He more than deserves every one of those accolades and more. I am just so sad that I moved away from NYC and fear I'll never find a doctor as amazing as him ever again. Thank you, Dr. Yu!! You are truly the best!! Congratulations on your new office location! "
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