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Whether you're in the market for new braces, a retainer, an Invisalign consultation, or a root canal, using ZocDoc will put you one step closer to seeing an orthodontist in the Bronx. Read through verified reviews of local oral specialists, and then make a decision based on your needs and insurance. You can schedule a visit online with an orthodontist anywhere in town, including Norwood, Williamsbridge, and Parkchester.


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"The best dental visit I 've had in the 24 years I have resided in New York. Dr Emil Bailey, immediately won the attention and trust of my two, children. For the very first time , I notice that my children had no scare to a dentist Doctor or too shy to showing their teeth as had happened with other doctors before. The doctor, gives solutions with no complications , The solutions are immediate bluntly. Without speaking difficult words to understand. In simple words, Dr Emil Bailey, check the teeth , write- and find,---- the problem without being parents who indicate him the dental problem of, the kids (in my case) Dr Emil Bailey, find the problem by checking the mouth not "asking parents", like------ other doctors do . Teens,--- who, have crooked teeth. Many times has shame to show the teeth to the Drs- (Like mine) ----Because the bad comments made ??by other doctors, of his teeth ((in the past.)) ......They were as traumatized . I thought this would happen in this case. And no. I remember a doctor ( ( dentist " ) ) He have like a Jamaican accent ..... He work around White Plain road" in the Bronx--- He is not from Dr ZocDoc" Thanks God!- He is a dentist.--- That Dr--told one of my children that he, cried like a girl"..... That hurt me, and hurt him too. I saw my boy cry not for pain... but because the way, that Dr told him, "he cry like a girl" Dr Bailay, its different he gave them the confidence to do to talk to hime and make questions without making them feel horrible and disgusting.-- I believe that God put in my way the best orthodontist for my children. I believe in angels. I think he's one of them. "
468 E Fordham Rd, Bronx, NY 10458
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555 E Fordham Rd, Bronx, NY 10458
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5795 Tyndall Ave, Bronx, NY 10471
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169 Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10703
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