Psychiatrists in Quincy

Quincy-based psychiatrists treat depression, help patients handle bipolar disorder, and arrange behavioral therapy sessions. If you need to schedule a psychoanalysis session in Quincy Center, in the Wollaston area, or along Quarry Street, use ZocDoc to locate a talented in-network psychiatry expert near your home. The process is easy - just search your local area for a list of mental health professionals, select your ideal practitioner, and make an appointment online immediately. It's easy, free, and available anytime - day or night!


Psychiatrists in Quincy, MA

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1180 Beacon St., Brookline, MA 02446
Within 9 miles
1 Brookline Pl, Brookline, MA 02445
Within 8 miles
Nurse Practitioner
264 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02116
Within 9 miles
"My first visit with Dr. Pyles was great. He seems to be genuine and gives useful feedback. I thought he was professional and I like how his office is set up. It was kind of difficult to find his office because it's located in his actual home. The office is on the side separate from the house. I felt very comfortable and I also like how he doesn't have a secretary. It's different from any other Doctor I've seen, it made me feel like he really cares about his patients and that adds a personal touch. but I thought it's cool that he schedules the appointments, answers the phone calls and such. Dr. Pyles also doesn't have a therapist. So if you are looking for med management and therapy, then he's probably not the doctor for you. Although I felt that my appt with him felt like a therapy session which was helpful. He truly cares about what you say and showed empathy as I relayed to him my anxiety and depression. He listened very attentively and gave good feedback. Overall I'd definitely reccomend dr pyles. I am very glad I switched doctors since my old doctor just was impossible to contact and didn't care about what I say."
367 Worcester St, Wellesley, MA 02481
Within 16 miles
44 Stony Brae Rd., Newton, MA 02461
Within 12 miles
"I would highly recommend Dr. Maxwell to others who may be unsatisfied with their current psychiatric care. Because he does not accept insurance, there is a considerable expense for visits (as is the same with any psychiatrist who does not participate in insurance networks), and I would recommend (if you do not have the disposable income) to try a psychiatrist within your insurance network. If that works, then fine. If not, then book an appointment right away with Dr. Maxwell. Even with regard to expense, I must point out two mitigating factors. First, remember he, like others in private practice, are running a business, and like any other business, a profit needs to be made. But I will say that, relative to other psychiatrists, he does not blatantly make the profit motive his number one concern. Instead, he makes his patients' goals his number one concern. Believe me, there are psychiatrists that are ONLY about the money! I literally have had the experience of contacting a psychiatrist, and before he even said hello, introduced himself, and asked what he could help me with, he was already inquiring how I intended to pay. Second, he does not push needless appointments if they are not absolutely necessary. If you can survive two-three months without an appointment, then he will make that clear. He absolutely doesn't push you to come back every week to two weeks so he can make an extra buck (I have seen that too). Of course, if you aren't stable then you need to be seen more, but he is honest in that regard. As far as my general recommendation goes, I only see him for medication management, so I cannot comment on other services he offers such as therapy. I am not a big believer in therapy (and I don't have the money), so that is the reason I don't use that service. If my feelings about therapy and the income were the opposite, I would definitely see him for therapy. The main reason why I like him is because he does not dictate to you. He is not an authoritative doctor. He works with you to reach your goals, and he is willing to listen to you when it comes to the chosen strategy. That doesn't mean you will get your way, but your input is not only appreciated but considered. This is the opposite of my last experience. I had a psychiatrist who was constantly telling me I was this and I was that without listening to a word I was saying, and ultimately took me off meds that were working all because she wouldn't take the time to listen to me. He is definitely knowledgeable in his field, and I have the sense that he uses the successes and failures of other patients to help guide his treatment decisions. In other words, he isn't a robot who prescribes drug A because an algorithm in some psychiatric manual says that drug A must always be prescribed when patients have symptoms A, B, and C. And he is never afraid to go back to the drawing board and try a different approach if that is necessary. "
4 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Within 12 miles
10 Langley Road, Newton Center, MA 02459
Within 12 miles
6 Garden Terrace, Cambridge, MA 02138
Within 12 miles
Nurse Practitioner
300 W Main St, Northborough, MA 01532
Within 35 miles
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