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If you live or work near Journal Square, the West Side, or Lincoln Park, use ZocDoc to find an allergist in Jersey City. A qualified immunologist can help you with asthma treatments, examine hives, assist you with food intolerance issues, or treat your hay fever. Browse the list of local doctors and read verified reviews so you can make the best choice. Then, just click on a time to make your appointment.


Sorry, no results found. If you need a doctor to diagnose you, here are PCPs in your area. Allergists and other providers in Jersey City, NJ, 07306

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820 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717
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"My visit with Dr. Mathew Varghese was great as usual and amazing. Over the weekend I was coughing, wheezing and I had shortness of breath and I could not get any sleep because whenever I would lie down it would get worse. I had also run out of my backup inhaler which I had purchased two weeks ago and I knew the pharmacist would not allow me another refill so soon, I then purchased a vicks vapor steam, vapor rub, mucinex expectorant/cough suppressant anything that I thought would help because it felt like if I had the flu and asthma at the same time but the things I purchased were only a temporary Band-Aid because they only helped me for a few minutes before I went back to my coughing fit and shortness of breath, I did not want go to the ER because I still was not sure if I was just coming down with the flu and I did not want to be charged 2000 + dollars at the ER just for a check up. On Monday I went to see the doctor and the nurses where doing their regular check up on me and when they finally did the test where they measure/check how much air I can blow out my lungs and how fast, that is when I went into a very bad coughing fit Dr. Varghese immediately came into the room and had the nurses give me a nebulizer a shot and oh my gosh I immediately felt better. He knew that my issue was not a flu.He also said that he was going to treat me in his office because if I went to the ER it would cost me a lot of money and since he knew I was not working he did not want me to incur that expense when he could just administer the same treatments without the expense a hospital would. I was in really bad shape and I did not even know it. He prescribed me an antibiotic and some other medication which he said I had to take immediately which I did. I was able to finally sleep and breathe that night. I have never met a doctor that knows how to take care of his patients as well he does and the nurses are just as caring and amazing as he is. Before I met Dr. Varghese I had gone to my primary physician and a pulmonary specialist because I had been coughing day and night 7 days a week for three months and neither doctor could diagnose or tell me what I had. The pulmonary specialist even had the nerve to ask me if I wanted an antibiotic or an inhaler. I told her both because I am not sure what was wrong with me but what I really wanted to tell her was " I don't know you are the specialist aren't you supposed to tell me what I need or have" but instead I kept that thought to myself. The only doctor that was able to finally help me and tell me what I was suffering from (Asthma due to allergies) was Dr Varghese. I recently got laid off from my job and I was afraid that I would not be able to continue my allergy shots or keep him as my doctor but instead of letting me walk away because I didn't have insurance they said that they did not want me to stop my treatments just because of money that they would work with me and I was offered a reasonable price so I could continue my shots and my follow ups I have been with them for about two years and I am very lucky that I came upon such an amazing Dr. and staff."
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