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When you need to find and make an appointment with an experienced primary care doctor in Menlo Park for an annual physical, a pretravel checkup, a flu shot, or general illness treatment, ZocDoc makes the process easier. Read reviews of primary care doctors in Atherton and West Atherton, as well as in Belle Haven and throughout the city. With a few simple clicks, you can choose a convenient time for your appointment or check insurance information before you decide.


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"I had such a great experience with Dr Toig. And it was such a relief because I was having an emergency and I know how difficult it can be to find a good doctor. I had been having very sever cramping for several days. I was back on the East Coast for Christmas with my family. But I figured - it's just cramps, what can anyone do? It will go away eventually. The Saturday after Christmas it was getting really bad. I thought I might pass out several times. But I had an early flight back to SFO Sunday morning, so I just dealt with it. Monday night I was up the whole night in pain, nauseous, dizzy, and very close to fainting. I live by myself, so that was a little scary. At this point, something had to be done. I didn't know what a doctor could do for cramps, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to handle much more of this. I went on zocdoc (I love that app) at 3 am and looked for the first available gynecologist appointment in the area. (I had only moved to the West Coast less than a month ago and hadn't been to see any doctors yet or figured out my insurance.) Dr Toig had an appointment available for 9 am. I got to the office and didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes (probably because my appointment was likely one of the first that day). Dr Toig examined me, and determined my situation was bad. He wanted to send me to the ER. I started panicking and so he calmly explained everything to me, which was extremely helpful in calming me down. He was straightforward about it, not overly negative or positive. And he took into account my views and preferences, rather than his own opinions when offering advice, which I highly value in a gynecologist. He explained everything to me in a way that showed he considered me an intelligent adult. He didn't dumb anything down and I am very grateful for that. He also was very thorough in his examination, which I really really appreciate. Of course, maybe he was more careful because I was in visible pain and something was obviously wrong. So this review may not necessarily pertain to a routine examination by Dr Toig. But in this situation, he was great. Especially for someone like me who wants all the details and hates being in the dark when it comes to medical issues. He also called ahead to the ER to let them know I was on my way and explain to them everything he'd found in his examination. I appreciate that level of care-taking in a doctor! Especially being in the state I was in at the time--not completely clear-headed or fully functional. When I called back a few weeks later to follow-up, he even remembered that I had a friend's wedding the day after I came into his office and asked if I was able to make it! (Then again - who knows - maybe I was a very memorable patient - maybe they know me as the girl who waited until her pain was ridiculously unbearable before seeing a doctor) I never thought that in the course of my emergency, I'd actually end up at a decent gynecologist's office! On the first try too! What a blessing."
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