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From skiing in the Rockies to hiking through the High Plains, Denver holds no shortage of cool outdoors-y things to do. Spend more time reconnecting with nature by using ZocDoc to schedule your doctor appointments! In The Mile High City, getting healthcare is as easy and breezy as a walk in the [Four Mile Historic] park.


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Primary Care Doctor
"THANK-YOU for helping me find an EXCEPTIONAL medical professional for my primary care doctor! After a severe health incident and an extended hospital stay, I needed to establish a primary care physician as I'd not had a standard medical appointment in several years. I found Dr. Theodore Buttrick through the website and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Buttrick's office was one of the first that set up an appointment on the next available weekday date, and I selected the best time for my schedule. I received a nice reminder phone call on Friday (for my Monday appointment) and was reminded what to bring, and encouraged to arrive a little early to complete the initial visit paperwork. A text message AND email also reminded me of the scheduled appointment, so I was happy that the process was so thorough as I tend to be a bit forgetful of appointment times, etc. (especially since setting up this appointment was so quick and effortless) I arrived a half hour early and was seen right after I'd completed the medical intake forms. Everything was what I would have expected -- and then above and beyond what I'd expected with regards to the level of professionalism from this doctor! With the health issues I've had in the past few years, I've seen a dozen or so doctors for different aspects of healthcare -- but Dr. Buttrick certainly impresses me as the VERY BEST OF THE BUNCH! Seriously! He was extremely thorough, and wanted to take time to scrutinize my health history so that he was aware of all of the issues and concerns I've dealt with regarding my health and life-long health history. His assistant was extremely helpful in collecting my paperwork and copying medical records I'd brought, and also assisted with blood draws and my next follow-up steps, etc. So,..... a week ago, I'd never heard of anything called "ZocDoc" -- and once I found it, I was admittedly a tiny bit skeptical because it seemed so simple and easy to set an appointment. Everything went off without a hitch, however, and my appointment was exactly as scheduled. I got to meet (and appreciate) one of the best medical professionals I've ran into in a very long time, and I was extremely pleased with what good care and thoughtful recommendations I received. I found exactly the health care provider I've wanted for the past decade -- and still can't believe it was that simple! Thank-you, Zoc Doc, (whoever you are!) for referring me to Dr. Theodore Buttrick. He's a gem, and a true professional doctor who practices medicine the way it should be done --- thoughtfully, carefully, diligently and with utmost professionalism. I'm extremely pleased, and happy to answer any additional questions you might have regarding my experience with Dr. Buttrick, his office, and staff. TEN STARS!!!!!! First Class! -thom g June 8, 2013 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) "
8300 Alcott St, Westminster, CO 80031
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Primary Care Doctor
777 29th St, Boulder, CO 80303
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Looking for physicians in Denver? Good news! Finding Denver doctors in your insurance network is easy with ZocDoc. From Capitol Hill to Hampden, you can view doctors’ available times and make your own appointment on the spot. Read real reviews from other patients, and view pictures of the office, too. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to manage your healthcare – and it’s completely free!

Why see a primary care doctor?

For many Denver residents, a primary care doctor is the first point of contact with the healthcare system. Patients make appointments with primary care physicians for many reasons, including stomach and digestion difficulty, hormonal issues, joint problems, minor injuries, and for basic preventive care. Your primary care doctor can also provide long-term care and disease monitoring, and refer you to a Denver-based specialist when necessary.

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ZocDoc is the simplest and most convenient way to see a primary care physician in Denver – and it’s free! Just find a doctor you like, view that doctor’s available appointment times, and book an appointment instantly. You can search by insurance, languages spoken, and more. Want to manage healthcare from your smartphone? Get the ZocDoc app!