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Dentists and Other Healthcare Providers in Greenpoint, New York, NY, 11222

947 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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I made an appointment for a cleaning. Right after booking, the office changed my appointment date and time—no big deal; I thought it was some kind of computer glitch. On arriving, I was encouraged to get an oral cancer screening, which I declined because it wouldn't be covered by insurance. Then, I was told my appointment was only for a consultation, not for a cleaning. The receptionist said that if they had time to fit me in for a cleaning that day, they would. (They didn't.) I met with a hygienist, who told me I need braces (I definitely do not) and pushed the cancer screening again—things that no dentist has ever even mentioned to me before. I then saw Dr. Naseem, who announced that because my teeth were in such bad shape (they're fine—above average, if anything) that I would have to have a cleaning every 3 months instead of 6. He also suggested having my wisdom teeth out (which, to be fair, I do need to do). This conversation ended with his assistant handing me a contract, which she said was "to confirm that you've understood the prescription" (or something evasive like that). Luckily, I read before signing; what it actually said was that I was committed to paying the office a very large sum for the extractions (no itemized bill, just one handwritten four-digit number). This was before I had even considered making an appointment for the procedure. I politely declined to sign. I went back for my re-rescheduled cleaning this morning, out of morbid curiosity and because the place is in my hood. (They had changed the time again for unknown reasons.) The receptionist cheerily announced that I had arrived for my cancer screening—the one I had declined three times. I corrected her. The cleaning itself was done by an anonymous hygienist, who didn't say a single word to me. I wish it weren't so, but I'm not exaggerating when I write that this cleaning was less effective than brushing my own teeth at home. The upper left side of my mouth remains almost completely untouched. It's like the hygienist got bored halfway through and just decided to call it quits. Maybe she was having an off day? Her stomach was growling. Maybe she needed to eat. Many of the patients I saw in the waiting room at this office were older, non-English speaking people. This fact makes the shady "contracts," disingenuous evaluation, and poor services really inexcusable. Tl;dr: Questionable when it comes to diagnostics and paperwork, ineffectual-verging-on-negligent in actual services. Don't go here.

Dentists in Greenpoint, New York

Finding a dentist in Greenpoint is simple with ZocDoc. Look below to find dentists near Greenpoint Playground, McGolrick Park, or WNYC Transmitter Park, and then make an appointment at a time that's convenient for you with just a few clicks. Greenpoint dentists are skilled at handling everything from routine dental care, such as tooth cleanings and dental x-rays, to more complex procedures, such as denture fittings and root canals.